Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sensors detect presence of rain

This morning..

Me: 'What do you want for breakfast?
Lizzie: porridge!
Peter: Coco Pops!
Me: OK...
LZ: Can I get cream on my porridge like last time?
M: OK... oh no, sorry, I used it all yesterday.
[P: I want Coco Pops!]
LZ: How?
M: I made a fruit salad and put the last of the cream on.
LZ: Why?
M: Coz it was lunchtime and me and Peter were hungry.
[P: {forcefully} I want Coco Pops!!!!!]
M: Tell you what, I'll make your porridge with blue milk - will that be creamy enough?
LZ: OK. And are there any chocolate chips?
M: No! (makes porridge)
P: I want Coco Pops pleaasssseeeeee!!!!!
M: OK, here you are (pours Coco Pops)
P: I don't want milk on them!
M: But I've already put milk on them. Here, you'll just have to scoop the dry ones off the top.
P: OK. Can I get some milk?
LZ: My porridge is too hot.
M: here... stir it and blow, like this.
P: I'm finished (he has eaten 3 Coco Pops)
LZ: My porridge is too cold.

Wasn't it rainy today? Not a lot to report. Went out before tea. Bushes down the burn were birdless. Watched White-breasted Dipper calling and displaying to nothing in particular for 10 minutes. 30 minutes looking out to sea, pissing rain..10 Red-throated Divers south. 50 Pink-footed Geese south (20000 at Strathbeg today).
1 Great Skua north, 72 Northern Gannets, 12 Black-legged Kittiwakes, 188 auks spp, a Peregrine Falcon flying over north and 2 Harbour Porpoises.

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