Monday, February 04, 2008

Ghostwritten 1

Written today by the talcum-covered pseudo-ghost of Squidward Tentacles:

[t-c p-g ST] Oh for goodness sake you boneheads, I've got a confession to make (Takes bath towel off head)

You're bald?

[t-c p-g ST] No, I'm not bald, I'M ALIVE!! Now get rid of that tombstone and tell all your friends to go home. DO IT!!! Go home!!!!

... look, Martin is trying to remember how many Goldcrests he saw this year... what a bonehead... he he he. Let's listen in...

[Martin][ sat in dusty armchair, talking to himself and dribbling by the light of a single gas lamp and a fluorescent fish]... and then there was one in the gorse bushes on 20th April, and one in the dead willow, but that might have been the same one, I'll call it possibly two, and then next day there was one in the willow again, probably the same, or different, and then that one sang, so I'll put that as 'possibly breeding'.

[t-c p-g ST] heh heh. What a numbskull

[Martin] ...and then on 22nd April... there was that one in flight over St Ternan's Road, possibly the same one as by the side of the A90 and... so bored.... can't... stay.... awake... zzzzzzz.....


[Martin] .... errrr.... whassat. Argh!!!! It's the seaweed-covered ghost of Captain Cutler from Scooby Doo! What have I been smoking. Oh yeh, pot!

[t-c p-g ST] Man, this is too stupid for me. I'm outa here. (Exit)

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