Monday, May 26, 2008

Cage and Aviary Birds

In my constant and seemingly hopeless quest to find interesting potential vagrants for sale in the UK, Cage and Aviary Birds disappoints once again this week (actually last week now, but it took me a bit of time to read it).

Still... of some interest, you can buy Glossy Starlings at £225 a pair (species indeterminate), Mexican House Sparrows at £80 pr (I have no idea what they might be), ever-popular Yellow-fronted Canaries (Green Singing Finch) for £60, Africa Silverbills at £20 pr, which seems dirt cheap to me, Chestnut-flanked Whiteeyes at £10 pr (you could get them for your tea at that price), and Western Grey Plantain-eaters (who in their right mind...???) at £100 each.

North Cornwall Aviaries (+44 1208 850572) are unloading Scops' Owls at a bargain £500 pr - imagine the kerfuffle if one of them went for a jaunt round Bodmin Moor?!

Also for sale... microchipped Brittany Spaniel puppies, ex-pedigree, from working parents. Ah, latch-key puppies. I'm 95% certain they're not birds.

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