Sunday, July 06, 2008

Know Your Enemy


Saturday 6th

An hour's seawatch this evening, before the Dr Who series finale (ohh... how dull... bad guys tell good guys they're no different. Batman did that a long time ago :-) ). Anyway, lovely light, slight east breeze, no chance of anything good but on the other hand, not getting wet. I counted 407 Northern Gannets going north, (13 S), and 21 Manx Shearwaters north, 2 south. Most entertaining were 4 Arctic Skuas (Parasitic Jaegers) north - may have been the same one four time, it was zipping about a bit. But I'll call it 4. 5 Sandwich Terns north, 4 Common Terns likewise, and then I went home to see Davros.

Last year at the BirdFair the kiddies and Diane phoned up wanting to know what presents I'd brought them and I fed them the teaser that it was 'an expensive present for the whole family'.
Strangely, when I got home and brought out a bat detector, they laughed, and my spider-senses detected just the faintest hint of disappointment. I play with it all the time, but generally bats and kids are at opposite ends of the circadian rhythm thingy. Until last night however, when I let Lizzie stay up til 10.45 to see the Pipistrelle bats flying around over our back garden. She was almost impressed, and got to use the bat detector at last, catching lots of this. Who's laughing now?

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