Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hippy Burpday

It was our Peter's second birthday today, so we let him out of the cellar for the afternoon and took him to Stonehaven for half an ice cream. This is the beach at Stonehaven - how many species can you spot?

Evening - Peter safely back in the cellar, I went for a seawatch... Look - here it is

But then it disappeared

Saw 42 Manx Shearwaters going north in the mist between 17.50 and 19.00, and ONE Arctic Skua attaching Kittiwakes. (100s Kittiwakes going south, including about 1% first summers). Eventually got some photos of very distant Guillemot with attendent juvenile, when it cleared up.
Try not to be too impressed.


Bonsaibirder said...

Looks like a Little Auk associating with Guillemot - is this worth a note to BB ?

Mike Pennington said...

Actually, I'd like to know what the Arctic Skua was attaching the Kittiwakes to?

Martin said...

It was attaching them to that Little Auk, obviously. Surprised you didn't realise that. :-)