Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Little Cracker

In Cage and Aviary birds this week...

... not much about cage and aviary birds. There's rather a lot about wild birds - these folks are genuine bird enthusiasts. So there's news about birds' intelligence, Song Sparrows suppressing sickness during breeding, declinign wild birds and conservation, Black-billed Magpies and their undeserved bad reputation, White-breasted Dippers, and a page about bill morphology and adaptations. Three cheers.

Bird joke of the week... a boy took his parrot to the vet because it was unwell. The vet said: "Yes, I can see the problem. It has a millet spray up one nostril, a carrot stick under its wing and sunflower seeds all over its head. It's obviously not eating properly."

For sale:
Not much of interest to us. Except...
Long-tailed Rosefinch, cock, £70
(I wonder how much the rest of it costs? - boom BOOM!)
I might have said this before, but I think L-t rosefinch is a potential vagrant. breeds in the Western Pal, follows an E-W migration - bound to overshoot into Western Europe some spring.

Also, for reasons I can't begin to imagine, they have given enormous prominence to this photograph of a gorgeous young Humboldt Penguin. A phone number too, if you want to get more information.


cyberthrush said...

tsk, tsk,... does your wife know that you pay such homage to Humboldt Penguins???

Martin said...

Unfortunately, yes. Curse those Sunday newspapers.

This is such a good blast-from-the-past I'm putting it back in the main blog.