Sunday, June 17, 2007


Grrr.... that Scumsucker McKinney. I was preparing a hilarious and not-too-reverent piece, imaginatively entitled '100 years of British Birds - the TRUTH', or maybe 'Everything you ever wanted to know about British Birds but were too afraid to ask'.

But to my dismay, I find that Tom has beaten me to it. Reasonably funny too, but not as good as mine, except I can't do mine now cos it will look like I copied. I was in a better position to dish the dirt too. I'm going to claim this title for my new series

'The Secret Diary of Bernard Tucker (deceased)'

before that Manc gets it.

I agree with Tom... there is SO MUCH information available for free on the internet (that's this, in case you didn't know) that it becomes increasingly difficult to justify printing a magazine. BUT most months, I find that pretty much everything I see in the other British magazines was pretty much available in some form online, whereas British Birds publishes things you can't get anywhere else.

Ad-break over.

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Tom McKinney said...

"Reasonably funny" ? Do you know how bl**dy long I toiled over that definitive history of BB? It wasn't supposed to be funny at all, you were all supposed to learn something from it. I don't know where people get this nonsense from that everything I write is tongue-in-cheek.

PS Any chance you could get me 12 months free? seeing as I said so many nice things about BB? And I'm also completely broke at the moment?