Thursday, November 08, 2007

Richard III got the right idea.

I was in a bad enough mood after spending Wednesday afternoon looking after a visitor at work while a Brunnich's Guillemot frolicked off Girdleness. And my mood got even worse after being linked to this abomination from Tom's site. Talk about p*ssing on one's legacy. I had to go outside and slaughter a few Hen Harriers. Then I cheered myself up by reading this. Vive la Republique, as they say in Paris.

So now waiting for the flood of Little Auks. It's so windy here they're crashing against the windows right now. probably. Something is. Haven't done any of these for a while... here goes...

Living Color - Bi

And this one - ha! appropriate!

And this...

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Steve said...

There are signs, signs of the coming apocalypse. Lord of the Dance, the rise of Guitar Hero (hey, don't bother to LEARN how to play a guitar, we know your attention span is too small for that, just press these buttons and pretend), the governor of Georgia (in the USA) leading a prayer vigil for rain, (hey God, we know there are a few million babies dying in Darfur, but hey couldn't you spend a little effort and get us some rain so we don't have to conserve much's really bumming us out), and now David Lee Roth and the Boston Pops. Well it was fun while it lasted.