Friday, September 05, 2008

In your Super Soaraway Cage and Aviary Birds this week.

Mmmmmm... a bit of interest in C&AB this time. Top of the list..

Purple-backed Stalings [sic] £250 pr. Do they mean Daurian Starlings? They surely do. From Birdways of Stowmarket, if you're interested in releasing one for the autumn.

Still cheaper than Azure-winged Magpies, £425 pr, also from Birdways.

Not your scene? the try
Egg-laying pair of American Kestrels, £350

The ol'd favourite
European Eagle Owl, £75..

for the man who has everything...
4 year old Red Kite female, a bargain at £2500 (wouldn't it be easier to pop down the M40 and collect one?

and without a shadow of a lie... *exactly* as advertised (typos retained for educational interest)
Female Peregrin x saker, 5 years old, no vices, £650.

Wanted Golden Eagle, male preferred Entered.


Boulmer Birder said...

Martin, 'Entered' means entered at game ie flown at rabbits n that. Its not a form of beastiality ( I hope).

As for 'vices' I bet its stopped smoking.

Martin said...

Or stopped trans-species intercourse with Golden Eagles.