Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wood Warbler. You would, you know.

Called in for a circuit of the burn at the patch for 45 min on the way home. I'd done that after the Face-only-a-mother-could-love Sand Plover on Tuesday, for a reward of a total two (not one, but tw0) Willow Warblers.

And it looked like I was going to sub-cede that total today, with not two, but 1 Willow Warblers under my belt when I left the Mill Garden to walk up to the swing park. Then there was a movement in the trees at pathside and thump! A Wood Warbler jumped up onto a twig, nearly breaking it! Patch tick! it was feeding actively at low level - lovely primrose super, face and throat giving way to silky white underparts. I'm not saying they're my favourite European birds... but they're in the top two. See it's not only Tim who can borrow Cloughie's lines. They're not as carnal-sexy as Roseate Terns, but they make a nicer noise.

As I was watching it, a flitting in the branches above, and there was a Spotted Flycatcher too. That's just too much.

I put the Wood Warbler on ABZ Rare Birds to heads-up to others that there are some migrants about, and was surprised to see it appear on BirdGuides 30 min later. Great, now I'm going to have car loads of 'twitchers' coming off Scilly for my Wood Warbler. :-)

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