Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dear Martin...

OK, I'm opening my inaugural letters page... with something approaching permission

Dear Martin

I read all the huffing and puffing in your blog about what what you missed on your patch at the birdfair. Well... you don't know you're born. People are still arguing about the 'Eastern Olly' that was in Shetland the Wednesday before the birdfair. [Important Birder X] has looked at the only pic available (http://www.nature-shetland.co.uk/naturelatest/pics06/EOW-by-Hugh-Harrop.jpg) and says he thinks it's an Olive-tree Warbler! [Big Birder Y and Important Birder Z] both think it is olive-tree too, allegedly, which is making the guys up here sweat a bit. However, they Y and X didn't see it, so size and tail actions are difficult to convey.
[Incendiary slurs and rumour about contents of next issue of popular birding magazine removed]

Yours, a Friend

PS [Birder A] is turning, he bloody is, he is wavering. Shit. It could have been one. Get it on your blog now.

Anyone got any advice for my 'friend'?

1 comment:

Harry said...

Looks a bit iffy to me too...maybe Hugh took a pic of an Olive-tree while on hols and got it mixed up with the shots he got of the Eastern Olly: either that or...nah, it would never happen!
Bound to be tears before bedtime, methinks, within the British twitching community!