Friday, March 30, 2007

The Edinburgh Fringe

or on the fringes of Edinburgh, more like. At a meeting at Heriot-Watt University (work meeting - woodpecker-free zone). Interesting point of note... very few people from Edinburgh University here, which I suspect is because they all knew what a pain in the butt it is to get to this place. Honestly. Funny, on the 'how to find us' instructions it mentioned the airport, buses, taxis, cars, etc, but didn't have a section for 'rail'. But aha! Martin knows best, I noticed on the campus map that Curriehill railway station is right next door, so thought that was the best option and hopped on the train.

What the campus map didn't tell me was that when you get off at Curriehill, this so called railway station is a platform in the middle of the countryside, fields all around and no Heriot-Watt in sight. And if there was just one road snaking off into the distance, at least you'd know which way you had to walk, but no! There's a fork, left or right, both roads snaking off into the countryside, so I was a bit stuck. Fortunately, I met a wee mon walking his dog (hooray for dog walkers!). Apparently if I went right, that took me to the front entrance, but it was a long way (boo!). If I went left, that took me to the back entrance... I had to bear right, come to a cottage built into the wall (true! I thought I'd walked into an episode of Dungeons and Dragons), turn right again and I was there. Left it is then, through the Lothian countryside. Got a Tree Sparrow and arrived at the secret back passage of Herriot-Watt. Student Halls! Blimey, they all smell the same - whether it's the cheap carpets or the varnished wood or what, but it took me right back to my youth. Been here 2 days and have seen a Goldcrest, some Mallards, 2 Blue Tits, Rooks, and a Great-spotted Woodpecker. Not quite a woodpecker-free zone then, except I'm lying about the woodpecker. Ho hum. Back Sunday.

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