Monday, March 19, 2007

The Land that Time Forgot

London, February 1939, to be precise. I found this advert in that month's number of British Birds.

Ach - you just don't find people called Percy any more. Especially not egg collectors called Percy Bunyard. I can imagine he probably had pince-nez spectacles and wore waistcoats, and smoked Turkish cigarettes from a silver case. Where did that world go? No one calls themself MBOU any more either. Shame that. I'm going to set up a new pressure group: CaMPaGULAN i.e. Campaign for More Percys and gratuitous Use of Letters After Names. I'm 95% certain this will catch on. In fact I can't see anything that might possibly go wrong.

Note to kids: egg collecting is BAD. Bad as in old fashioned use of the word, i.e. 'bad', not the 21st century definition that implies 'good'.

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