Thursday, March 08, 2007

In 'Cage and Aviary Birds' this week....

'RSPB opposes ending bird registration scheme
The RSPB has warned that the withdrawal of a scheme requiring bird keepers to register individuals of the most threatened species held in captivity could lead to an increase in the number of birds, especially peregrine falcons and goshawks, plundered from the wild in Northern England....
...Goshawk numbers are at an all-time record high and need control, not protection, Cage & AviaryBirds argued...
...But Cage and Aviary Birds, the Hawk Board, the British Bird Council, the Pet Care Trust, the
Sustainable Users Network*, and others have argued for complete deregulation. Editor Donald Taylor said: " We believe organisations in favour of registration, such as the RSPB, should meet the full cost if it is retained." '

*By all the seven levels of hell, what the bejeezus is the 'Sustainable Users Network???

Meanwhile... all spare a thought for Bedfordshire-based bird keeper Tony Philip, who has given up the hobby after his collection of 22 redpolls, 18 goldfinches, 6 bullfinches, 23 greenfinches (including pied and lutinos), 2 chaffinches and 2 bramblings (bramblefinches), worth £4000, were stolen on New Year's Eve. If you are offered cheap bullfinches in your local pub on Saturday night, try and get a look at the ring numbers.

The heated debate about whether Siberian bullfinches and goldfinches should be allowed to compete as 'British birds' at shows rumbles on. I think the British Bird Council is going to have to annex Siberia. That might do the British List some good as well.

For Sale:
European Eagle Owls
Snowy Owls (£250 each)
Golden Eagle
European Goldfinches £60 ea
Siberian Bullfinches £190 pr
Bramblings £40 ea
Chaffinches £3o ea
Crowned Cranes £1300 pr
Sacred Ibis £350 pr
Green Wood Hoopoe £425 pr
White-cheeked Starling £75 ea
White-shouldered Starling £75 ea
Yellow-vented Bulbul £60 ea
Wheatears £160 pr
White-faced Whistling Ducks £80 pr
Red-breasted Geese £225 pr
Black Swans £200 pr
Hawfinches, good condition, £95 each
Chestnut-breasted Negro Finches £50 pr

My favourites are...
'Quail, jumbo, £5 ea' ????
'Homing Pigeons, ready to go' -eh? surely they should be ready to come back?
'Zebra Finches, line bred' I think that means they are euphemistically 'monkeyfeathers'


Stephen Menzie said...

Wheatears £160 pr

Any Desert Wheatears for sale? Or any in the lost/found column for that matter?

Martin said...

Funny you should say that. My granny had a Desert Wheatear. Answered to the name of Irlam. Unfortunately she couldn't spell very well, and one day she ate it for pudding. it was very sad.

tahir2008 said...

hi there

do u still have the Yellow-vented Bulbul at £60 each

many thanks

Martin said...

No, but I got a slug.