Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Four Seasons Hotel... Aviemore. There's posh. Sat in the bar; there's some sort of 'Easy Listening'/Swing act going on. Actually I'm finding it very hard listening. Whatever happened to banging jukeboxes? Only noteworthy bird event today, lots of Red Grouse on the moors along the Ballater-Tomintoul road. Displaying and everything. Sweet.


Tom McKinney said...

Yo Doc, try the battered sausage from the chippy if you dare - you win a fiver if you can actually find any real meat in it. And apparently the hot chocolates in Cafe Bleu are the best in the world, or at the very least the best in Aviemore. Happy holidays.

Martin said...

Learnt my lesson with the battered sausage many years ago. Ta for the choccy tip.