Sunday, April 15, 2007

Living in Lancaster County

Newtonhill's permafog climate took a wee break this morning, throwing just a light mist out. I did my usual circuit of Elsick Burn taking in the seacliffs, then off down to Muchalls to lower the tone. It was a very boring walk out, and trying to seawatch against the sun in the mist was like staring at a white wall, with low-contrast Kittiwakes flying about. A pair of Eurasian Tree Sparrows in Muchalls, and a fly-by Black Guillemot there too, kept the patch year list ticking along, but that's the best you can say for it. There were 4 House Martins flying around the clifftops here too. They nest on the cliffs here, following the old ways just like their House Martin ancestors did in the days before houses were invented. They're like the Amish of the House Martin World.
On the way home, a Barn Swallow had arrived at the farm along the Muchalls track (wasn't there on the way out) and similarly a Willow Warbler had started singing in the Secret Garden.

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