Friday, April 27, 2007


Winter Wren, Newtonhill April 2007

Recorded with Remembird. Sonagram from Syrinx. If Carlsberg made birdsong, it would probaby be the best birdsong inthe World.

Click here to listen to 'Winter-Wren-NE-Scotland-April-2007'


And does anyone want a shot at identifying this one?


Stephen Menzie said...

Looks like a Willow Warbler sort of song to me. I've been having a bit of fun with sonograms myself the past couple of days. More about that on Sunday though... possibly!

Martin said...

OK, that was too easy.
Glad to see I'm not the only one with only a computer for company tonight!

John said...

You seem to have eclectic taste in music...from quoting Sex Pistols lyrics to paraphrasing Supertramp to Winter Wren (punk, pop, and...jazz?). By the way, I notice you call it Winter Wren - do most people over there call it Winter Wren or just Wren?

Martin said...

You seem to have eclectic taste in music...

hi John
That's a very polite way of putting it!

Wrens... Actually, I think if I was out in the field and called it a Winter Wren I might be widely laughed at. It's so ironic it's almost post-ironic. I suppose it's pretty hard to get post-ironic laughs in the field. Wren. But according to that clustermap thingy, people pop into the Freezer from all over teh shop, so it's nice to give them a sporting chance at understanding what today's irrelavancy is all about.

JH said...

With the American Winter Wrens likely to be split some day (the eastern birds sound like 1st cy Wrens when they sing), and the Asian birds also somewhat different (e.g. the Leicester Llama-esc Daurian Wren) I guess we'll have to call it Eurasian (or maybe even European!) Wren one day.

Jan Hein