Sunday, August 01, 2010

Flight identification of European dolphins

Oh ho. A quick one hour trip down to the cliffs this evening to look for pirates and cows, 18:15 - 19:20. Immediately I got there, saw a lot of dolphin activity on calm seas. It was a flock of at least 12 White-beaked Dolphins. Some of them were breaching anthropomorphically happily, like these two.

White-beaked Dolphins.

These fantastic photos will form the basis of my forthcoming book 'Flight Identification of European Dolphins'. In all good bookstores and quite a few rubbish ones by December 2027.

A single Harbour Porpoise too.

Birds quiet - 12 Manx Shearwaters north, 39 Common Scoters, 39 Sandwich Terns south. Plenty Atlantic Puffins around still, and a few Razorbills feeding young on the water. Three Great Skuas, including a couple on the water, viz...

Great Skua

When I finished, I realised I'd been sitting with my foot on this dead vole. Or at least it was dead now. Either way, it made me hungry for tea.