Monday, June 19, 2006

Better than my blog

As I wade through the piles of fan mail in my In Folder each morning, normally about 30 emails offering my Viagra, another 30 for Cialis, 30 for both, 30 telling me not to be the 'little guy', another 30 or so imploring me not to let my lady laugh at me for reasons I can only guess at...but between all those the recurring theme I hear is 'Martin' (for it is I) 'Martin', you say, 'we like your birding blog, we even tolerate the other blog (calcarius - go see, it needs some comments), but your humour is too subtle, too genteel. Martin (and btw, YES that's my name, you're wearing it out), what would really make it funny is lots of gratuitous swearing, uncensored expletive-laden boozy sweary stories about what birding is really like for the yoof.'
Well, I appreciate your concerns, I really do, but sadly I can't oblige. Firstly, I'm not the yoof. Second, and unfortunately, I don't know any rude words. At least, I didn't. UNTIL, I read Tom McKinney's 2006 diary at
So for all your sweary action, I suggest you head off there, and leave my blog the oasis of high-brow culture that it has become. If you're not easily offended, it's much funnier than anything I can come up with.
Pity the poor Miss Cole!

George Bristow's Secret Freezer also recommends Punkbirder

Funny, and sweary-free.

Also this one
Apparently humour-free, but with the added bonus of lots of birds.

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