Sunday, June 04, 2006

Does anyone like yellow wine gums?

Dammit. Just been working my way through a packet of wine gums, but there were 8 yellow ones, and I can't eat any more. I will happily send them on to the first eight people to send me an SAE.

Birds. This morning. An atmospheric shot of a Common Eider sat on a rock - early brooding morning etc etc.

There was this specimen among the 50 'Black-legged' Kittiwakes just above the shoreline. All the books will warn you about these.

It's not the cliffs that are dangerous. It's the jaggy rocks at the bottom.

Quite a pleasant morning out, but not very exciting. I flushed a Dipper Cinclus cinclus from the burn as I bumbled along - bit careless. Haven't seen one recently... they have bred by the Mill the last 3 years, but was no sign after the early spring this year. Suspect they have gone further inland a little way.

3 species of auk feeding on the water, and a few birds going back and forth - mostly feeding movements. Highlights were a couple of Sanderlings moving north close in - second time I've seen them at N/hill, both times at sea - there's nothing for them here apart from those jaggy rocks and sharp sticks. One Great Skua went past north. I assume this will be a non-breeder or not-quite adult, enjoying the summer here. There's plenty to eat, mostly Puffins. Argh! I can't stop thinking about eating Puffins.
2 Red-throated Divers north, 23 Common Scoters (all heading to Blackdog?), and a Eurasian Teal (?? not sure what that's doing). Otherwise, Kittiwakes, Sandwich Terns, Gannets, Fulmars, and a good Shag.

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