Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blackdog - the brightly shining sea - 8th June

Nipped oout from work for another scan at Blackdog. Took a lingering look at my parking space as I left the car park - bet it will be full when I get back. Smoothly does it, into Blackdog, and walk down to the beach. Must remember to look for dead Guillemots - told Kerry at work I'd bring her one back in a plastic bag.

Thetide was up, so I sat on the sanddunes and stared into the glittery sea. Actually not many ducks on the water at all. There was a tight knot of 150 Common Eiders on the beach to the north, and a smaller knot, a tangle even, of 30 to the south, and about 100 offshore. 5 Common Scoters flying past north were the only scoters. 4 Red-throated Divers, 4 Sandwich Terns. 8 Manix Shearwaters north. So... bored.... can't... stay.... awake. No dead guillemots, though there was a sick Kittiwake that I could almost have picked up, should I have wanted to, and a long-dead Herring Gull. Nothing doing then. Back to work and halleluljah! There is a space in the car park.

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