Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blackdog - digitally remastered

Didn't take too long 'fore I found out
What people mean by down and out.

Another lunchtime birding session. Digitally remastered Blackdog.

better today cos I could get there -Anderson Drive open. Hurrah. The drake King Eider has been making sporadic appearances here, and even pulled a girlfriend. So you get to the beach, past fallen logs and snapping dogs etc., set up your scope and Argh! there are two young people who obviously want to be alone. Don't mind me. But I don't want to appear a total pervert, so i just set up my scope behind them and stare vacantly out to sea. Several hundred Common Eiders, and a coupler of hundred Common Scoters (now you know what's in thart image), couple of hunfdred Herring Gulls. Two Arctic Terns, a flock of 10 Sarnies. 2 Red-throated Divers... you can tell I'm not getting round to 'King Eider' here. Nope no sign. Having to check the girl eiders too was a bit of a bind, but still not exactly 'Id frontiers'. I walked way down the beach (splosh - who put that burn there?) to some more eider flocks on the sand. No luck. No duck. That reminds me of one of Lizzie's books. grrrrr..... authors of childrens' books should be FORCED to read them out over and over again, every night of their miserable sadistic lives. When age and senility get the better of me, I'll be lying in my bed reciting childrens' rhymes from books I read every night at bedtime for years to thsoe two horrors who didn't scratch my bins. 'Down by the marsh, by the sleepy slimy marsh, one duck, gets stuck in the muck, down by the deep green marsh.' Wish the thing would hurry up and die.

Anyway, back to the present, and Blackdog. The other thing of interest was that there is still a flock of 20 Sanderlings here. High Arctic waders and all that, I know I know, but it's JUNE now guys. Can't help but feel they're taking the piss. I guess they could be non-breeders, but they sure look like breeders.

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