Monday, December 18, 2006

Bird Jokes

Oldies, but goldies.

Two vultures are sat in a desert eating a dead clown. One looks up to the other and says:
'Does this taste funny to you?'

A baby penguin at the South Pole goes to it's Mum and says:
'Am I a real penguin'
'Course you are,' says its Mum. 'I'm a penguin, your Dad's a penguin, so you're a penguin too!'
Baby penguin isn't convinced, so he goes to his Dad:
'Am I a real penguin'
'Don't be stupid - course you are,' says its Dad. But he can see the look of worry in his baby's eyes, and tries to explain. 'I'm a penguin, your Mum's a penguin, so you're a penguin too! That's how it works. but why are you asking?
And baby penguin looks up at his dad with his big dark eyes and says:
'Cos I'm f***ing freezing.'

Night all - did see some birds today and might tell you about them later.

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