Sunday, December 03, 2006

O hear us when we cry to Thee, For all in peril on the seawatch.

Oooohhh quite a storm last night. Can always tell it's been a good one when we find a dolphin floundering in the roses. And on one memorable occasion, a Sperm Whale - we didn't need to go to ASDA for weeks! I might have been dreaming about eating the Sperm Whale, mind. When I woke up my pillow was gone. We found the tv aerial dangling from the roof this morning. Sod it, we've got Sky. Let it dangle. Still blowing very fresh from the south this morning, so I headed down to the beach to release the dolphin back into its ocean home. Look at the waves! That was something else.

I think this is what they call a 'boiling' sea. Stoopid! It's obviously freezing. Look at it!

I was lying about the dolphin. But there were 5 Ruddy Turnstones and a couple of Rock Pipits on the beach - braver birds than I. It was a bit hairy when I went up the cliffs to try and seawatch - waves breaking over my head. But, and this is true - I was surprised to see a Harbour Porpoise swimming in and around the surf, feeding on scared fish I suppose. Just a single Guillemot visible offshore through the splatter of salt, a few Great Black-backed Gulls, couple of Common Gulls and a Herring Gull. oooh. I needed a bit more height to keep dry, so headed down to Muchalls, via the allotments (1 Goldcrest, 51 Oystercatchers shelterin on the cricket pitch), and the stubble fields (Skylark, 50 Rooks, 5 Jackdaws, 25 Carrion Crows and one nearly-Hooded Crow). Muchalls was atmospheric, but bird-dead.

Sorry, that's all I got just now. Is anyone hankering after the music videos, instead of weak humour like this?

Oh yeh, I forgot...

Take heed... chew hair, and quite literally take back the thingies. Respect the classics, man!


Smilodon said...

Another one with the Big B in it. Sholay, Hooray, I'm going to tick a Faux Swift, er, Vaux's Swift.

John said...

Some people erroneously pronounce it "Voes," committing a small faux pas, or perhaps vaux pas.

I thought your Baliwood movie was pretty funny. It's about time someone did a birding musical. Made my own in the same vein -

Martin said...

Hee hee!! that rocks! C'mon Smilodon- we need your contribution now.

I was hoping that Menzie would put this

on his blog, but if not, I'm putting it here to preserve it for posterity

Alastair said...

Oi! Martin you've pinched my movie and changed the words (ok, ok it was your idea in the first place) -

and scroll down a bit to the Exchange birders entry

Martin said...

Oi! Martin you've pinched my movie and changed the words

Ach! It's a fair cop

Smilodon said...

You know, you can't teach an old cat new tricks.

Are there any mastodons around?

Smilodon said...

Ok, here's my movie.