Monday, December 11, 2006

Mamma told me there'd be days like this.

And man, she wasn't foolin'

With all the hero-data yesterday, didn't get chance to expand on my Sunday birding. But first, let me set the scene... Friday/Saturday I'd been in the deep deep deeeeepppppp south, i.e. Newcastle, in the Secret Underground Bunker where the BOURC has its winter meetings. Got home about 10 on Saturday night after hacking and spluttering all over my fellow passengers on the train for 4 hours - they loved it really. Don't they know who I am!!!???? Spent the night coughing away, waking up with a chest full of pains. Then at 7.30 Lizzie comes through to the bed and tries to get in and headbutts me full on on the nose! Ow! Seeing stars. Now my head was full of aches. Sundays don't start much worse than that. Except THEN I look out of the window at the weather and see they can get worse. Not that it was particularly wet; it wasn't. Or even particularly windy. But it was dreary dark, and it never really got light all day. Land of the mid-day dimming here. I sat around the house, interacting with the kids (THAT's how bad it was), before heading out about 1 pm - it was still dark! And frankly things went downhill from there. There was a small movement of Black-legged Kittiwakes going south offshore. More precisely, two.

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