Monday, January 01, 2007

... The freezer is back

... It is Sunday afternoon, preferably before the war. The wife is already asleep in the armchair, and the children have been sent out for a nice long walk. You put your feet up on the sofa, settle your spectacles on your nose, and open the News of the World. Roast beef and Yorkshire, or roast pork and apple sauce, followed up by suet pudding and driven home, as it were, by a cup of mahogany-brown tea, have put you in just the right mood. Your pipe is drawing sweetly, the sofa cushions are soft underneath you, the fire is well alight, the air is warm and stagnent. In these blissful curcumstances , what is there to read?

Naturally, Cage and Aviary Birds.

Well that's what I've been reading recently. And what delights lay within? Why... For Sale... Eagle Owls. In the 'Found' column, an escapee Eagle Owl. Everything else is lost canaries, budgies, cockateils, Mealy Redpolls (eh?). Eagle owls!!!! No rubythroats just now. Can you see where this would be going, if I wasn't in such a good mood?? Happy New Year everyone!

I *have* been out birdspotting, but it wasn't very interesting. Promise I'll spill the beans tomorrow.

Thanks to George Orwell for the first para.

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