Sunday, January 07, 2007

I thought it might be a bit of a hoot to make an early start and go down to Ferryden to see this Bonaparte's Gull. Must be 15 years since I've seen one. Unfortunately, when it came to this morning, I couldn't be bothered. Something to do with my unhealthy obsession with Princess Leia, and playing PS2 Star Wars Lego II until the wee hours. So I ended up walking round Newtonhill instead, where the only thing of any remote interest was a White-throated Dipper singing lustily on the Elsick Burn. He must be keen to get started. Whipped out RememBird.... unfortunately, it's another one that suffers from background noise, in this case on account of the bird being shy, and stood on a rock in the middle of a babbling brook next to the A90. But turn your bass down and everything else up, and it might be tolerable. Everything louder than everything else.

White-throated Dipper, Newtonhill

And I finally went back to ASDA to pick up the prints of those Grey Partridges that turned up in the garden across the road last September during the muckspreading (ancient Kincardinshire fertility ritual). They were well worth waiting 4 months for. NOT! :-) I'd have posted them here just now, but unfortunately the rest of the film is happy smiling faces of my kiddies playing in puddles, so Diane's Mum has snaffled them for the mo. Will post when we get them back.

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