Saturday, February 24, 2007


Sooooo.... take a look at this. I'm the LAST person to suggest that we try to impose our judaeo-christian values on other countries and cultures who might have different values, and there are large parts of the World where people would laugh at the inherent sentimentality in the video. But at the same time there have to be better ways of doing this. Preferably that involve not doing it.

And if you want to, there's a petition here

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Torcuill said...

A powerful film which does indeed play to the audience's prejudices, but doesnt portray the EU's Common Fisheries Policy as being even more evil. At least the Japanese have a sustainable fishery - which they have maintained for the past few hundred years. A dolphin brutally slaughtered is upsetting - while I find thousands of starving birds and unseen deaths even more enraging - thanks to barely controlled sandeel capture. The fisheries are even allowing slimeheads to be caught (sorry - now renamed as Orange Roughy) by dragging nets after a wrecking roller. Needless to say, ancient corals are wrecked along with vital spawning grounds. Compared with creating a desert, losing dolphins is still reprehensible, but it makes you think.

I'm off to eat some organic fruit.