Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wanted to get some (Winter) Wrens' songs today. Bum! Battery flat in RememBird thingy. And it's raining. Haven't I suffered enough?! Apparently not, cos there's no birds in Newtonhill either. Had a good look round though. A Skylark singing while in flight over the bay. Fantastic territory, the sea - wide horizons with good visibility for spotting predators coming, but crap nest-site opportunities. A Peregrine round the muddy quagmire that is Cran Hill, giving the Herring Gulls and Feral Rock Doves a bit of exercise and something to think about. 2 Mallards flying round and round in wide circles over N/hill for the best part of 2 hours. it doesn't get any better than this. I was counting Chaffinches at the Retreat (11 - didn't take long) when my mood was improved by a text from Harry saying he found a Caspian Gull. It was in Cork, so I didn't go for it. But I did try and find one of my own, but the 50 Herring Gulls feeding by the railway line didn't produce the goods.

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