Saturday, February 10, 2007

A competition

... and I am actually offering a prize. let's see what I've got lying around here..... OK, there is a CD-ROM of 12 FUN Disney girl game demos and a 100 ml tub of Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector (wtf??) for the clever person, probably UK-based, who can tell me what this has got to do with birding.
Have I fallen in his spell?
Does he drown me in Chanel?
Is he vibrant? Is he hell!
So what do I see in him?

Am I dazzled by his style?
Has he made my life worthwhile?
Does he melt me with his smile?
Don't make me laugh.

Every inch of him is limp.
He's a 14-carat wimp.
I would rather have a chimp
As my other half.

But then I'm not blessed with charm.
I bring chaos where there was calm.

So the question should be
What does he see in me?


Stephen Menzie said...

I never watched Watching so I would'nt know...

Martin said...

In that case there's no Hemp Foot Protector for you....

Fraser Simpson said...

I remember 'Watching' (just). Not many birds in it though. Fraser

Harry said...

I seem to remember the guy who played Ives in 'Porridge' playing someone's dad in 'Watching'? Also think I saw birds ONCE in it, EVER!
It wasn't even funny....

Martin said...

I'd meant to follow that post up with one about 'Watching', but haven't got round to it yet. Something for midweek.