Thursday, May 03, 2007

Different and yet strangely the same

This morning, it was a bit misty at the start - I surprised the cows. Weird light.

I'd JUST written in my notebook that yesterday's Common Grasshopper Warbler had gone, when it started singing from a patch of last year's willowherb by Elsick Burn. Say what you like about groppers, and I do, but they produce a good sonagram. Note 25 notes per second (!) which is in fact slower than Savi's Warbler, but frequency of about 6-8 kHz, higher than Savi's.

No peeking now, but identify the 2 other birds in this recording

then have a listen here

(sonagram starts at about 25 s in that recording)

Well spotted.

We've gained an extra Sedge Warbler (3 now), and an extra Willow Warbler, one of which was a girl judging by the wing shivering going on and this little bit of conversation here. The high pitched tsip is the quivering girl, answered houeet by the male.

Sorry for the annoying Wren.

A couple of Common Whitethroats singing now. Offshore, in 20 minutes, 3 Manx Shearwaters, and no Red-throated Divers. Let me see, where's my calculator... that works out at errr.... none per hour.