Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday morning

Argh! I'm falling behind with the Secret Freezer. Must be on account of having to do some real work (taxonomy, shock!). Shame, cos I've got some cracking jokes and one liners to unleash. Here's 2 photos, text to follow.

tbh there's not a lot to say. Rain overnight spectacularly failed to bring any more migrants down. There was a White-throated Dipper carrying food under the railway bridge, but I still haven't found the nest this year. A male Chaffinch was flying around the Mill Garden trying to force down and mount a female. Common Whitethroats, Willow Warblers and 3 Sedge Warblers singing down the track to the beach. 1 Ruddy Turnstone with 24 Common Eiders on the rocks. Offshore was very boring, with only a few Northern Gannets back and forth. I went round Cran Hill and met this monstrousity...

Mount Doom, brooding over Newtonhill

That's not just a pile of manure... it looked like the entire winter's detritus scraped up from the bottom of the cowshed and placed menacingly over the field facing Newtonhill. When that's spread it spells our doom. I mean, working in a University (I'm the Head of the Department of Cryptozoology remember? If a joke's funny the first time it's funny every time I say) I'm no stranger to the spell of bullshit, but jeeezz this was rank. I was retching as this photo was taking. They should figure out a way of doing Blogger3 with live retchavision. I'm getting the dry boke just thinking about it, 2 days later. There was a hybrid Hooded x Carrion Crow kept sitting on it, the malodorous fool, but thwarting my attempts at a photo by flying off every time I aimed the camera.

Looking north - can you see why I struggle for woodland birds?

Still about 1 Barn Swallow per minute heading south along the coast today.

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