Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday 13th May

Oooh, an extremely tedious 4 hours walking round Newtonhill and, in blatant contravention of my ASBO, Muchalls. Couldn't stay awake, with virtually no new migrants except a few extra Sedge Warblers and Common Whitethroats here and there. I found a Grey Wagtails' nest. Actually, a local cat found it - the waggies were up in a tree calling, and I looked around and discovered a cat by the burnside staking out their nest. Doomed. THEN I finally found the White-throated Dippers' nest. Spotted a Dipper carrying food, and followed it. Could tell when were were near the nest cos it looked at me, bobbing up and down, and I could see where I thought the nest would be but it didn't want to go in with me watching. I took a few steps back and half hid behind a jaggy gorse bush, and the dimwit bird thought I must have gone. Went to the nest, which was just out of my view, but I heard the nestlings calling as the parent approached.

Offshore was boring too - 30 minutes produced 3 Common Scoters north, a Red-throated Diver in flight being slipstreamed by 2 Razorbills, and a Whimbrel. Must be a good year for Whimbrel - they're all over the shop.

Muchalls was alive with common birds, and I saw Peregrine, Common Buzzard, Common Kestrel and some Yellowhammers on the way down, but... boring. And still cold!

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