Saturday, March 29, 2008

The day the music died

Just a wee snippet. I'm on holiday for a few days, so we celebrated by a long overdue clear-out of assorted piles of rotting junk around the house. So as I'm sure you know, you end up going through piles of old bits of paper, bank statements, summons, credit agreements, CJDs etc wondering if you really need to keep them etc., in the full knowledge that anything you throw out will turn out to be vitally important the minute it is taken away by the refuse disposal operatives... ;-).

And I came across this forgotten old envelope with numbers on it and I was like, dude, wtf? But when I saw the little scribbles on the right I remembered this is the night I was going through IBWO and PIWO videos counting the frames that they finished their wingbeats and realised that Pileated Woodpecker could flap as fast as ivorybill was meant to.

It's not quite the bit of paper where Einstein first scrawled E = mc2, gave himself a big tick and a smiley face and went out on the razzle. Nor is it the napkin where Darwin first wrote down that thing about fit birds or whatever it was and was violently ill on the Persian rug with excitement. But as it is in the recycling bucket now, I've scanned it here so when I'm old and senile I can look back at this and wonder what the hell it was, all over again. I'm also intrigued about what the payment was. Whatever it was, I probably spent it wisely on loose beer and cold fizzy women a long time ago.


cyberthrush said...

At last, a real window into the workings of Martin's mind; and the doodles on the right are particularly compelling (uhhh, John Agnew has nothing to be ashamed of). Anyway, ENOUGH about IBWOs and PIWOs, but I wouldn't mind hearing a bit more about 'cold fizzy women.'

Mel said...

I often find pieces of paper with strange drawings, a random number or a name and never remember what it is... (blushing)

Martin said...

Anyway, ENOUGH about IBWOs and PIWOs, but I wouldn't mind hearing a bit more about 'cold fizzy women.'

Argh! I get enough hits for people googling 'woman in freezer' without expanding on that subject here. Now would be a really bad time for the blog to take a 25 year hiatus. Can't we talk about global warming instead?