Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm not bitter

A reader writes #4

Dear Martin. I saw some pictures of you on the internet. You are looking great, and I thought the frilly pink cotton suited you better than the shiny black PVC. I know this is a bit sad, but could I ask you to link to my blog?
Thanks. 'Prodigal Tinman'*

*names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I am delighted to link to the Bitter Bonxie blog (oops, that gave it away), because it is entertaining and, unlike this one, sometimes has some news about good birds in it. Currently it has a bit of a thing going about the hypocrisy of the Songbird Survival (SBS) group, and details a peculiarly fork-tongued individual in particular. Me and SBS go back a long way - back in the days when they started off and their machinery hadn't yet got its guard up, I was able to talk to some of the founders and expose them in the press for the bunch of p*geon fanciers, ****** farmers, cuntry **** and ******* that they were. The names seemed to have changed now, but the intentions have not, apparently.


Harry said...

Ah, SBS! I am actually going to e-mail the BTO and complain that they have accepted sponsorship of the Yellowhammer account in the new Bird Atlas from a pack of thinly disguised pigeon fanciers, pheasant and grouse shooters and other self-appointed 'guardians of our countryside' (allegedly), who also seem to have at least a nominal presence here in Ireland, though anyone whose car I've seen their stickers on has, invariably, been a pigeon fancier who wouldn't know a 'songbird' if it pecked them in the eye, and certainly wouldn't know what a Yellowhammer was...

Darryl said...

Hi Harry/Martin, I spoke to the BTO (Graham Appleton is the chap to email/phone) re the SBS sponsorship. The line is that they will take sponsorship off anyone as long as they aren't doing anything illegal; I believe they want the atlas to be 'for everyone' (whatever that means). I think this is a real mistake but then, as the BTO are currently undertaking a study of raptor and 'songbird' populations for SBS, they would have been hard pressed to turn down the sponsorship anyway. PS. I'm not certain (check with your lawyer) but I believe that, in the eyes of the law, if a vehicle has a SBS sticker on it you are allowed to slash its tires.
Cheers, Darryl