Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring strikes again against the shield of winter

And for the first time in a while, Newtonhill doesn't look like a dog has been sick over it.

Mind, there were some bits of Newtonhill today that a dog has been sick on. But I chose not to publish my photos of those. Bit of birding before getting down to the main business of the day, which was to be throwing stones at things in Stonehaven. As usual now, a couple of White-throated Dippers on the Elsick Burn, but more of a surprise was a Common Chiffchaff bathing in the trickle of water by the path to the beach. Wow, spring really has started. I watched it drying off and preening in the bushes for 5 minutes. The beach was empty, though off the cliffs there was a raft of 100 Black-legged Kittiwakes and a few Razorbills and Guillemots. ON the clifftops, a Rock Pipit in song flight and hello, what's this, a male White Wagtail feeding. Ka-chow. Migration? I must look it up in a book, it's been so long.

Stonehaven beach, pm. Throwing stones and the occasional petrol bomb into the sea with the kiddies. A Red-throated Diver surfaced among the breakers and was nearly brained for its trouble. Now that would have been a sorry corpse for the Secret Freezer. Fortunately, it got away.

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