Sunday, March 30, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

How about you, you you?
Oh yes. As part of 'interact with the family week' :-) This was brilliant. Just don't mention the juicy pops!

Beserker Peter, chewing on his coat, interacts with the World's fastest blurry Rainbow Lorikeet.

Fnarr fnarr. How old am I?

Gentoo Penguin 'colony'. Can you spot Ghost Penguin? Ooooh Spooky.

Penguins go on killer rampage.

If you ever Google me, which I'm afraid some people may do, then on the first page (I presume it still gets a lot of hits) is link here to a conversation from times of yore on uk.rec.birdwatching about p-p-p-penguin prostitutes and an unfortunate late-night misunderstanding involving me, a penguin, a fish-paste sandwich and an unnecessarily suspicious police officer. I'm afraid it is my most lasting legacy to the world of ornithology.

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