Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love my job

No really, I do. Especially when i have to walk into Old Aberdeen to do some tutorials and over the sound of Nightwish* being pumped directly into my head, I hear and then see a flock of 90-100 Bohemian Waxwings in the treetops at Hilton Street.

*'For the [schrrrr] heeeaaaarrrrttttt, I once [schrrrrrr] haaaaaadddd etc'.

Strangely, in the most bizarre bit of immigration-related legislation I have heard of for a while, there is a good chance that all University employees are in future going to have to account for where they are at all times. So where were you at 9.45 on Thursday morning?' 'I was between assignments, watching some immigrants in the treetops on Hilton Street... is that good enough?'

The Waxwings had gone when I returned at 12.15. Probably caught a bus:

Waxwings: 'We'd like -'
Bus Driver: 'Shut it. You're barred!'


Alastair said...

Please can you send those Waxwings to my garden (I'll refund you the bus fare) as I need them for the list and anyway 100 or so would add colour and vibrancy to the design. I also like that little trilling noise they make so that would improve the aural element of our concept making it a multimedia experiential garden - gosh this is a terribly good Sauvignon Blanc, Shelter Bay, Malborough, 2008, it's on offer somewhere or other don't ask me where now as I've enjoyed just sufficiently much of it to ..... Job, like my job ...... Oh 2Bxbill tomorrow thou shalt be mine - as I have to head that way in any case, only a tiny diversion. By the way Martin that Motorhead video was most moving - The Guardian's 1st WW booklets have also been a pertinent and timely reminder of the horrors ... my maternal granddad had a large piece of shrapnel in his arm from that war. I've rambled on a bit haven't I? One of these days as the Floyd said.

Martin said...

I don't think those Waxwings will be getting on a bus any time soon. Frankly it's that all fruit diet - they go aff their heids with all the fermenting juice, are horribly sick and get a lifetime ban. I'll try and put them on a train if you want.

Alastair said...

They'll have to change at Newcastle and Middlesbrough, will they cope with that? Hope they've all got RailCards or this is going to prove a tad pricey. 100 Waxwings will need about three seats I reckon if you can reserve those I reckon it'll work out.