Sunday, February 15, 2009

Had another go at this taking pictures malarky.

Some sort of documentary evidence of birds in Newtonhill shocker. Snow melting fast. Five Eurasian Reed Buntings feeding among the stubble at the top of the burn...

...see ?

and a White-throated Dipper on the Elsick Burn

... see?

Still piles of birds around that wouldn't normally bepiling around, e.g. Fieldfares and 2 Mistle Thrushes in Cow Field, and a Eurasian Woodcock flying up the burn. The sky was full of flocks of Pink-footed Geese going back and forth. The beach had 1 Common Redshank, 7 Ruddy Turnstones and some gulls, including these.

Quiet offshore (auks, gulls and Northern Fulmars sat on the water, and a good shag). I ripped my thumb open on the slidy catch on the gate to the allotments, and then didn't see any good birds therein. Mind I was busy swallowing my own blood at the time. However when I went down the costal fields to Muchalls, a flock of 16 Eurasian Skylarks (dull) with 2 Snow Buntings (interesting) flew over.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Love the soft focus effect on the Dipper, is that an automatic setting on your camera. I'm pleased i'm not alone in taking crap pictures and posting them on line.

Alan Tilmouth said...
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Martin said...

Mediocrity like this just come naturally to me.

Stewart said...

Go on there Martin, Hugh Harrop eat your heart out! Just point and Fire!