Thursday, May 18, 2006

Full of Eastern Promise

Well, I had kind-of promised Diane I wouldn't get up at first light again this week, as I do tend to drop my scope, wake the kids and leave the front door open at 5 am. Turns out I lied, but it wasn't my fault. The winds are all over the shop, but I get jumpy when I'm sat watching telly last thing at night, with the rain beating against the windows, and the sound of trains going past, cos we only hear the trains in easterlies/northeasterlies. Such was the case last night during the cup final (Henrik Larsson eh? - the man is God!), so dawn this morning saw me out. More of a westerly by now, but what the heck, I'm awake already.

More pleasure and consequences today, with a pair of Sedgies Acrocephalus schoenobaenus
building a nest, a family of European Goldfinches Carduelis carduelis (2 ad, 2 juv) in the sycamores at the Mill, also a juvvy Song Thrush Turdus philomelos here.

A Sand Martin Riparia riparia overhead was unusual - I only get them as migrants, and this is a bit late.

Offshore, Kittiwakes streaming south to Fowlsheugh - over 1000 in 30 min. The other day, when I was salivating over a juicy Puffin, there were hardly any Kittiwakes around at all. Not sure what seabirds are doing day-to-day, but I don't think it's a daily routine.

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