Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Full Scottish Breakfast

Set my phone alarm for 5.15. What I hadn't realised was that the clock was still an hour slow, so my alarm didn't go off til 6.15. This is irrelevant, cos I'd already woken up at 5 and was out the door, but it surprised a Sedge Warbler at 6.15!! As I type this at 21.48, I'd like to think that somewhere under the railway bridge there is a Sedgie doing a passable impression of my ring tone. Shame we don't get a few Marsh Warblers paludicola. They'd be better at it.

The burn was quiet, apart from my phone! Offshore, Puffins Fratercula arctica were heading north, local breeding birds. Saw 28 in 30 min. Not too interesting I guess, but better than anything you're going to get if your local patch is a god-forsaken park in Manchester. Puffins before breakfast, sir? Of course, if I lived on Shetland, I could probably have Puffins for breakfast.
'Waiter! I'll have the orange juice, porridge, egg, white pudding and toast please'
'Marmalade, jam, or Puffin?'
Errr... I think the Puffin today, thank you.'
'Tea of Coffee?'
'Tea, thanks, and some of those oatcakes.'

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Mazza said...

well, my local patch is a godforsaken park in London, and the best bird I've had there this year is Whitethroat. And it yielded only the tiniest amount of jam.