Monday, May 08, 2006

Shore Lark - Girdleness

Bunked off work today at 3.15, made way to Girdleness. There was a Shore Lark Eremophila alpestris feeding in the short turf and stoney bits behind the lighthouse. Nowhere for me to hide, so just had to crawl like a twit for a close look. Allowed approaches to about 15 m. Not bad. Like the Pot Noodles, it was spanking gorgeous. mmmmmm..... Pot Noodles. Some a*se with a dog and a set of golf clubs started smacking balls in its general direction - didn't help. I've done dog walkers, don't get me started on golf. Or the combination.

Also 6 Northern Wheatears on the grass - more than I've seen in Newtonhill all year!

Y'know... I have NEVER ended up regretting skiving off work, Uni or school to go see birds, ever.

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