Monday, May 15, 2006

Mr Nobody - a BAD MAN

Brrrrring brrrrring. Alasdair rings at 7.30 am - do I want a lift to work? Yes please, and THEN I realise it's still easterlies, and raining. Should have gone out birding - v slack of me. Again. When Alasdair turns up, he has no petrol in the car, and no money! Good job I had a tenner. But that's not the point. What do birders do when they spend the day not birding? Fiddle with their nockies, of course. And that, gentle reader, is the point. My nockies. Once a very fine pair of Zeiss 7x42s. Bought in the halcyon days of my youth, I saved my paper round money for about a billion years. To be frank, I haven't looked after them. They been on the car roof as I drove off. They been dropped. They've even been in the Atlantic Ocean (ohh, how we laugh now, but it wasn't bloody funny). They've been arrested. They've been moved on by police from a bus shelter in Newcastle. They've even survived a bar brawl. But now, this... they were left safely on a bookcase in my house one Sunday last month. When I next came to them, THIS had happened.

Deep deep scratches on the objectives. Doesn't really
effect my vision thru them, but bloody annoying all the same. The important thing is... and you can probably guess this.. neither of my wonderful kids has any idea what might have happened. So, I need new bins, and this is the problem, skint. Zeiss FL what, £800+. Maybe I should take one of those ads in Private Eye:
Money needed for new bins. Barclays Ac. no 40077416 Sort. 20-19-81. thanks. That might work. I also accept brown envelopes. Just ask my postman.

Little Angels - no idea what happened to my bins.

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