Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Doctor is OUT

I'm at the British Birdwatching Fair,

The 'Birder's Glastonbury' apparently. i.e. pissing rain, mud slides, sleeping in tents, punks and hippies, weird smells, long lines for disgusting chemical toilets, dirty children and piss-poor ethnic dance troupes. Can't wait. Taking my camera.

Remember, British Birds stand. Your once-a-year opportunity to see me in a polo shirt.


Martin said...

The Doctors wifie here :-)) Y'all make sure and give him a hard time at the BF, got a call from the man himself yesterday telling me that he had bought us all a lovely family present! I was ever so excited and finally managed to persuade him to divulge to me today what it was - a BAT DETECTOR - man, I can hardly contain myself from the anticipation of such a fab present arriving back with, a family holiday to Costa Rica, that might've worked, hmmmm............
the doctors wifie XX

Tom McKinney said...

Hi Doc's wife,

At least you can wind the Doc up about having to leave the Aberdeen coast during what's been the best weekend of year! (sorry Doc :-))


Andrew Whitehouse said...

If it's any consolation, I was birding all weekend in Aberdeen and missed everything. Although I did see a Swallowtail at Girdleness. Which was probably an escape, apparently.