Monday, August 07, 2006

Eeek! Argh! Phew!

This is NOT what you want to see when you get back from a week off work.... photograph on your desk accompanied by a note from a work colleague:

'Saw this while out climbing last week - what is it?'

Eeek! Apart from being a bloody Wallcreeper. Argh! Where were you climbing? Switzerland! Phew!
Still jealous though. Not an easy bird to see and photograph.


Harry said...

Feck! Is that guy even a birder? I've been to Les Baux and still not managed to see one!!

Martin said...

Annoying, but no, he isn't a birder. What makes it worse is that there were three of them!

Harry said...

Ah, there's no justice at times, like how the people who had the first UK Red-billed Tropicbird weren't birders either, and how some local children here were shown the 1998 Hermit Thrush...which I missed and is still a sore point!