Monday, August 28, 2006

Embarrassingly rubbish

Actually, I did go birding Sunday, thanks for asking. It was kind-of embarrassingly shite. Dead, even. I got the message when I'd walked down one side of the valley (Elsick Burn) and saw nothing but a couple of Wrens and a Robin, then as I was walking back up the other side a Willow Warbler flew out of the err.... willows and flitted back in again straight away, to join his mates in hiding. I was briefly encouraged by that, but then hung my head in shame.

There were 100s Barn Swallows heading sooth along the coast - when I tried seawatching all I saw was more swallows, further offshore, heading out over the waves. Occasional Sand Martins too (they're like occasional tables, but less handy for putting your drink down on). And among the House Martins, a groovy coffee-coloured juvenile - its plumage patterns were OK, but the colour was all wrong. The white bits were OK, but the dark bits were like milky coffee. Actually, maybe more like strong coffee. With milk in. There was a good article in Dutch Birding recently about calling plumage colour aberrations by their right name. I must look it up. Pretty sure that 'strong coffee with milk in' wasn't one of the options. You can tell I was bored by the way I was checking out the House Martins.

A Red-throated Diver going north offshore was my first of the autumn, although it's a bit of a cheat, cos I don't think all of them ever really go away.

So, in the absence of birds.... here's a video that does actually make me cry! Not sure if the 'R.I.P.' bit is tongue in cheek or not (no, it's not RIP Sammy - you have to go to Tom's site for that). A reminder of the days when Leeds United were truely awesome, not awful. Even Kewell, Judas backstabber that he became, surely the most talented player ever to put on a Leeds shirt. I'm so glad he went all crap after defecting. Enjoy. Non-Leeds fans might want to look away, or skip to 2.45s for the best bit. Or listen to the music. I'm old enough to recognise the Morrissey cover, but too old to recognise who's doing the covering.


Harry said...

Ah, but that Leeds team never really actually won anything....

Bonsaibirder said...

What did ManU do to Alan Smith ?????

Actually Harry Kewel is crap, he just forgot to play his natural game when he was at Leeds. I'd rather have Mark Viduka any day (in my team).

Harry said...

What did ManU do to Alan Smith? I think they bought him....
The most successful transfer from Leeds to Man U must still be Eric Cantona, however.

Martin said...

errrr.... Harry [narrows eyes and looks suspicious]. I hope I'm not picking up ManUre-related sympathies from your comments?

Harry said...

Hi Martin,
Afraid so, man, but, in my defence:
- I supported them way back when they were utter shite (late 80s), as against the sporadically shite team that they are now

-my dad was a fan since before the Munich disaster, so it's a family thing

-while we are Irish, his parents (who were also Irish) did live in Manc-land briefly before he was born

-being a pessimist, I have never once gloated when we were winning stuff, as I never thought that it could last...I was right!

-I'm barely interested in soccer these days, sure it's all about money now! MUCH more worried as to whether Cork will win the hurling All-Ireland final on Sunday against Kilkenny to make it three in a row...and much more worried again as to whether I'll ever find a rare again!

I won't let this matter raise its head again, promise! ;)

Martin said...

Ah, the old 'I supported them when they were rubbish' excuse. Also used by Roger Riddington and David Parkin. Never mention it again, unless we can unite against the common foe...Liverpool!

Menzie said...


Martin said...

errrr.... I meant Newcastle, or the Popular Front of Judaea

johnny mac said...


The band doing the Morrisey cover are The Killers or it should be The Killa's, after Leeds current great White hope Matthew Kilgallon.

Superb video all I can say is that I was there. I will be there again in Sunday. Still crying because we are just crap at the moment.