Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So *that's* where all these hits have come from

Argh... my secret is out. Wondered why people were suddenly visiting the Secret Freezer. Turns out Chris Harbard has been saying it's good, sullying the pages of Birdwatch magazine with filthy lies (No. 170, p56). Now I'm going to have to maintain some standards, for the first time in my life. Curse you all!

Hang on a minute... what do you mean... 'illustrates the simplicity of blogs'!!

Ta to Chris, Marianne and Steve. Birdwatch rocks!* www.birdwatch.co.uk (but not much on it)

(*there are other magazines that may rock harder, but I'm not going there today).

1 comment:

Menzie said...

Martin, I had the same problem when the said magazine published a link to my old website this month. My website was, and still is, a complete shambles of missing pictures and dead links so I had to change the homepage rapidly with a link to my poor excuse for a blog. Then I had to try and use the word f*ck less.