Monday, October 16, 2006

Fancy smancy stuff

OK, just to be big and clever... this is what I did with that RememBird thingy I'm trying out. Got a recording of the Yellow-browed as it flitted away. Here it is... thanks to putfile... unedited version of martin trying to get his whole family onto a fast moving Yellow-browed. Listen for it squeaking between me saying "It's just tekken off tha' way", and "There!"

Click here to hear 'Yellow-browed-Warbler'

Then I made a sonagram of its squeak (thanks to Avisoft SASLabLite) and compared it to the sonagram in the new 'Sound Approach to Birding' (by Mark Constantine and the Sound Approach).

Not rocket science... but it shows the way things are going.

And here's a picture of it...


Harry said...

Hi Martin,
Nice one, can hear that it was a Yellow-browed alright. How are you finding that new RememBird yoke? Could be useful if faced with a Blyth's Pipit!
Found an Issy Shrike locally today while twitching a juv Woodchat, which I also managed to see. Not a bad day!

Martin said...

It would be fantastic for nailing a Blyth's! Providing it called nice and loud.