Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sammy the Shrew... dead but not forgotten

As you know, no one appreciates a dead shrew more than I. I'd forgotten about this, til just now. On Sunday, I was stood at the Mill in the rain, seeing no birds, and with a river of mud and water sloshing around my feet coming down the hill. I was in danger of getting bored, until I noticed a dead Common Shrew being washed down in the flood. In comedy fashion, rolling and tumbling. I laughed like a drain. A happy one. Later, up at the allotments, my wee heart leaped for joy when I saw another dead shrew, but on closer inspection, it turned out to be an onion skin. Is this what the internet is for, or what?

Lunchtime Tuesday - took a walk round Westburn and Victoria Parks, Aberdeen, listening for Yellow-browed Warblers. Not happening, but I did get crippling views of 2 Common Treecreepers, and a Great-spotted Woodpecker. A few Goldcrests too, which is always encouraging. One of the treecreeprs defied common dogma by walking vertically down the tree. I'm disturbed... how will I tell them from Nuthatches now?


Tom McKinney said...

Is Jesus God?

If God is Jesus's father, who is Jesus's Godfather?

Martin said...

Sorry I removed the God-bothering comment that sparked Tom's reply... but I've left Tom's in. It really was a witty come-back, very funny, but now no one else will ever know how witty.