Monday, October 23, 2006

Jockeys and Horses

My pal Lynne and her husband Robin were at Aviemore for the weekend, and they took this lovely scenic picture of Loch Morlich, which they knew would appeal to me. And it does... so beautifully composed, with the ripples and the hills and everything, and the shagging ducks.

Robin once invited me out for a dirty weekend to Barcelona, but I refused because I thought Lynne would find out and be cross. Then he claimed he meant to email Lynne (email bns239@) and not me (bns230@), but none of us really believe that.

I suppose I should tell you about the birding in Newtonhill on Sunday morning, but there's a bit of a repetitive theme going on. There had been a bit of movement overnight though - I kept bumping into small parties of Goldcrests that had not been here on Saturday evening, and also Coal Tits. I can go weeks without seeing a Coal Tit here, but on Sunday there were several newly around. 3 Blackcaps in the elders at the top of the St Ann's track, and another 6 in the Mill Garden - good score. A Common Chiffchaff in the sycamores before the railway bridge was a nice crisp one with a good super and was probably albietinus.

A hint of eastern promise from the allotments - a Lesser Whitethroat in the willows. Quite a typical dark one... not warm rufous or particularly pale or any of that rubbish. Egad! That my first of the autumn! Unfortunately it was a nice warm day (Red Admirals and Painted Ladies on the wing), so the gardeners were out and I was getting the evil eye, so moved on.

I had to get down to the Water Valley (Brambling over, but only 1 Redwing), but when I got there it was very disappointing. 1 Goldcrest - and then that flew away! All very relaxing I guess, and certainly birds on the move, but I'm starting to think my autumn peaked with YbW.

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